What Is I Like I Plus?

We are a group of enthusiast in Social Media Optimization (SMO)'s stuff.
If you have been doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) all along then it is just the right time for you now which you should not ever neglect to start ensuring your site or online profile to stay competitive in today social media's growing affluence (i.e. social networking websites, social media marketing services, mobile industry and so on).
iLikeiPlus, our free online service will help you to meet that: It will help to increase your site & online profile's traffic and popularity with its unique exchanging system concept and it plays fair game for its growing fast members.
Huh? What is SEO & SMO ?

Without more ado from us by feeding you with all the theories - Just do it!
Join now as our free member and use the system
Once you registered, we will tell you how to use this simple system in step by step instructions.
What are coins?

The coins are points you will receive easily for each activity (Like, Follow, View, +1 or visit) on our site.
What can I do with coins?

You can earn faster Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Google +1, Youtube Views and Traffic for your website.
How can I earn coins?

You will earn coins for every Like, Follow, View, +1 or visit from you to our members' page (Facebook Like, Google+1, Twitter, YouTube, website).
Once you have logged in, on the top menu you can click on "Earn Coins" and select Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube to start earning your free coins.

Alternatively you can also earn passive coins by joining our Affiliate program (on the left sidebar , click on Promote Site) for more information.
Can I get buy coins ?

Yes, you can buy coins. Click on "Buy coins" on the left sidebar .
Why my Facebook Like, Google +1, YouTube is not shown ?
  • Firstly, you need to make sure the following steps have been completed:
    1. Log in with your registered account
    2. Make sure you have added your Facebook Like profile, Google +1, YouTube, website on the left sidebar (click on Add Site)
    3. Make sure you have allocated coins you want to reward other members on the left sidebar (click on My Sites and click on Add Coins)
  • Secondly, please take note when you browse to Facebook, Google, YouTube, Auto-Surf Tab, you will not be able to see your promoted links as those links are shown only to other registered users to click, Like and +. (*with assumption you have completed first step mentioned above*)