iLike Zoomooz Joomla Plugin

Zoom everything on your Joomla website (text & graphics) with this stunning plugin.

You can simply install the plugin and enable it and that's all.

iLike Zoomooz is an easy-to-use Joomla plugin which is based on Zoomooz to making any web page element zoom with some cool effect. It supports 3D transformations, hides elements that are not shown while transforming, can have kinetic scrolling and eve works in Internet Explorer.

Simply add "zoomTarget" to the element you want to zoom to when clicked on:
<div class="zoomTarget">This element zooms when clicked on.</div>

You can also add some additional attributes for tuning the animation as data fields of the element:
<div class="zoomTarget" data-targetsize="0.45" data-duration="600">This element zooms when clicked on.</div>


Click text below for demo to zoom in and click outside area to zoom out!

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Click text below for demo to zoom in and click outside area to zoom out!

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